[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Plan for Summer =)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon May 31 22:46:10 UTC 2010

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On 05/31/2010 09:27 AM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> === PPA supports ===
> Continue publishing binaries, but no more updates to hardy, intrepid, jaunty.

Works for me.

> === 3.0 (quilt) by default === ...

> (this means that we parse package version at clean target and write
> debian/source/format based on that)

That's a neat way around this ; go for it.

> === Rebase branches on top of upstream imports ===

I'm not sure I fully understand the implications of this yet.  I'd
suggest you do it this way for xiphos, and make sure it works well, and
let everyone see that for a while, before doing this for SWORD itself.

> So I'm proposing to start using dh tiny style for packaging.

In principle I'm happy with this idea.

> the merge proposal is here
> https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~pkgcrosswire/libsword/dh-style/+merge/26079
> if there are no objections I'd like to merge that.

I'm short on time to look over those changes in detail, can you wait a
couple of weeks, and if you've not heard from me, merge it then?  I'd
expect your changes are 100% fine, but I'd like to understand them
before I agree to them :)

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