[Pkg-cups-devel] Bug#152874: cupsys-client: cupsaddsmb -a does not work

Luca Capello luca at pca.it
Sun Dec 30 14:43:18 UTC 2007


On Sat, 13 Jul 2002 20:48:57 +0200, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> Package: cupsys-client
> Version: 1.1.14-3
> short and simple:
> running cupsaddsmb with the parameter -a has strange results:
> the other parameters are not recognized, neither -v nor -U <user>
> It also has strange parameters (or the manpage is wrong) that it uses
> -U when -a is used but -u when -a is not used...
> So: cupsaddsmb only works when -a is not used.

This should be fixed with SVN r2218 (the complete diff between
cupsaddsmb.c from version 1.1.14 [1] and SVN r2218 is attached):
r2218 | mike | 2002-03-14 16:09:08 +0100 (Thu, 14 Mar 2002) | 3 lines

Add -H and -h options to cupsaddsmb, and allow -a to occur anywhere on
the command-line.

Hendrik, do you still have that woody machine where you can test the fix?

OTOH, On etch (cupsys_1.2.7-4etch2 and samba_3.0.24-6etch9) cupsaddsmb
works as expected, so cupsaddsmb works as expected on a Debian stable.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

[1] since I cannot find cupsys-1.1.14 from upstream, I used the one in

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