[Pkg-Cyrus-imapd-Debian-devel] Use pbuilder whenever possible (Was: (fwd) Bug#341580: cyrus22-imapd_2.2.12-1(sparc/experimental): FTBFS: cannot find -lsensors)

Ondrej Sury ondrej at sury.org
Fri Dec 9 09:35:29 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-08 at 23:08 +0100, Sven Mueller wrote:
> Benjamin Seidenberg wrote on 08/12/2005 03:25:
> >>Simple workaround is to add build-dep on libsnmp-dev, correct fix is to
> >>fix libsnmp9-dev .la files.
> > 
> > libsnmp-dev died as uinstallable, libsnmp9-dev still failed in build.
> Could anyone please report the right bug and subscribe the mailinglist
> to that bug?
> Ideally, Henrique or Ondrej should do this IMHO, since I don't have much
> experience with library packaging and especially not with libtool things.

Neither do I :-), but I have filled bug.

-lsensors is depedency of libnetsnmpmibs and it's caused by following

0000008a r .LC14
000000a0 r __FUNCTION__.8359
00000000 r __FUNCTION__.8460
00000000 t _sensor_load
         U clock
         U debugmsg
         U debugmsgtoken
         U fopen
         U free
         U header_simple_table
000004b0 T init_lmSensors
00000000 D lmSensors_variables
00000160 D lmSensors_variables_oid
00000a00 b long_ret.8371
         U memcpy
         U register_mib
00000a20 b sensor_array
         U sensors_get_all_features
         U sensors_get_detected_chips
         U sensors_get_feature
         U sensors_get_label
         U sensors_init
         U snmp_get_do_debugging
         U snmp_log
         U snmp_set_detail
         U strchr
00000000 b string.8372
         U strlen
         U strncpy
         U strstr
00000a04 b timestamp
00000330 T var_lmSensorsTable

My common sense tells me that those are internal symbols which doesn't
needs to be exported by library, but I am no library/libtool expert.
Most simple fix of this bug is to make libsnmp9-dev depend on

Ondrej Sury <ondrej at sury.org>
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