[Pkg-d-devel] Packaging Tango again

Vincenzo Ampolo vincenzo.ampolo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 22:43:26 UTC 2008

On Sunday 23 November 2008 22:55:48 Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:
> Hola!


I waited until this night (yes it's night here :) ) to answer to get the work 
done and organize future work.

> Just noting that a new Tango release is nearing (dunno exactly when yet).
> We have a new one on the list (Kurushiyama on #d.tango) who'd like to get
> .deb packages going. I know this has been worked on multiple times in the
> past by at least of two of you.

Good! very good :) i really need help and reviews :)

> Since the goal is to ultimately get these packages into Debian/Ubuntu
> proper, a fourth man, Arthur, probably need to help approve. I know
> Vincenzo has worked on a package where dsss is used as a dependency/build
> tool, but there are issues at least with the current version of
> dsss/rebuild making it unsuited for certain use-cases. When that is said,
> that can probably be rectified by changing the dsss.conf (having only one
> libtango resulting from dsss build instead of the multitude of today).

My first work was to find a good way to integrate the GNU autotools with dsss 
which is one of the best tools to compile software IMHO.
To do so, i did researches to, and as posted before, there is a way to make 
autotools use dsss in the proper way without breaking Debian Policy.

The dsss package, which is foundamental for me, is an example of this. Dsss is 
foundamental for me cuz it gives a standard way to build d projects. the 
initial package of Libtango, for example, use dsss to build the package and it 
seemed to work. But until dsss is not in repository, it's hard to think to 
have libtango on repositories too.

Experimental packages are published for review at revu: 

and an experimental repository is ready with dsss at:

Experimental package of libtango is ready too, it has a build depend of dsss 
and i'll publish it soon. It just needs few standard improvements.

> Anyway, it would be nice if some status could be posted, and the new guy
> involved.

Of course.

In the last couple of months i tried to reach people interest in packaging, 
and there were a sort of pkg-d-devel group on alioth growing up, but it seems 
sleeping right now.

It seems that there are a lot of people that want to contribute packaging D 
stuff. I think we should do a "real" group, focused on code, instead of words.

I thought all the day how to do it. my suggest is launchpad. We can share code 
there, set up a repository and test packages (with build for x86, x86_64 and 

I already registered dsss project there, and i'm uploading dsss source to make 
package. I wanna do the same with libtango if Lars agrees.

I wanna make a team focused on this development too, so everyone of this team 
can commit changes to sources and make tests.

> As I mentioned to Kurushiyama, libtango-dev is probably the only package
> that makes sense until a proper dynamic library can be installed - then
> there of course is hte question of runtime, and potential conflict with
> Phobos.

In the Debian Policy, the -dev packages should contain only library definition 
(like .h cor c and c++), nothing more.

> As always, see http://www.dsource.org/projects/tango/wiki/UnixPackaging -
> it shouldn't need too many updates for D 1.0, but the druntime business may
> have an effect for D2.
> Yours,
> Lars Ivar

Hoping to hear you soon...

Vincenzo Ampolo

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