[Evolution] Bug#660084: evolution: Evolution crashes on startup

Jose/JR estanolamiro at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 20 00:03:26 UTC 2012


I also have the same problem. I'm using debian testing (after three
months) and problems appeared 1 week ago, after a safe-upgrade: yes,
Evolution crashes on startup. My system is an amd64 and the NVIDIA's
driver is 295.20. Evolution 3.2.2. On one hand, there is no problems at
all when I'm working without internet connection (there are no new
messages). On the other hand (and I don't know why) I also have no
problems when I launch Evolution with "strance": $ strace -o /dev/null
evolution (may be it's not necessary downgrading).  Any idea???

I hope to be useful. May be somebody with more knowledge than me can
understand what's going on.


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