Your doing excellent work!

Berge Schwebs Bjørlo berge at
Wed Jan 17 00:00:54 CET 2007


I just want to tell you how excellent exim4 is packaged for Debian! It's a
joy to work with, wether you work on a small-scale local mail system or
larger installations. Documentation is thorough and easy to find.
Configuration is straight-forward with just the right amount of magic touch,
and works just as well for both experienced exim-maintainers with specific
configuration schemes and the Debian way. It provides a nice and friendly
learning curve. And it's all very Debian. Which is great (-:

I guess I'm just trying to say thanks! You're doing a wonderful job!


Berge Schwebs Bjørlo
   There's an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about
   this new script for Hamlet that they've worked out.        --Douglas Adams

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