Commit access to exim4 SVN for the "Pootle" user

Christian Perrier bubulle at
Fri Jul 4 05:42:47 UTC 2008

Hello exim4 maintainers,

In order to activate the use of the Debian pootle server
( for D-I related work, I would need the
"pootle-guest" user from Alioth to have commit access to exim4 SVN

You know that exim4 is indeed listed in the so-called "level 3" of
Debian Installer translations, based on the fast that exim is the
default MTA in Debian and is likely to ask questions during some
Debian installs.

The point is giving an 2-way easy access to debconf translations (the
debian/po directory).

*I* am the person who created that user which is the identity under
which Pootle commits back translations to upstream repositories.

I and Felipe Augisto van de Wiel are the only people who have access
to the Pootle setup on (that server is hosted by the
Extremadura region). So, I take full responsability for all actions by
this "pootle-guest" user, should it make mistakes...:-)

I monitor this activity very closely, indeed and only translators I
entirely trust are allowed to use the "commit" feature of Pootle.

Activating this would help us offering more convenient ways to work to
people who are working on Debian Installer and related translations.

Many thanks in advance....

Again, I will monitor that activity and will take full responsibility
for commit actions done by the Pootle server. These will only happen
in debian/po and only for PO files.

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