[Pkg-exim4-users] Obtaining Local Domains from a mysql database.

Neil Briscoe neil.briscoe at adelix.com
Wed Dec 6 15:53:00 CET 2006

Currently, the way Debian-Exim4 works is that it uses the dc_other_hosts 
entry from update-exim4.conf.conf file to determine which domains it 
will accept mail for.

I have a customer who wants me to configure things so that the domains 
it will accept mail for are contained in a table of a mysql database.

I have, therefore, installed exim4-daemon-heavy so that I have those 

Whilst I think I can work out the code necessary for the routers (they 
only need a modified local_delivery and a modified aliases), I'm not 
certain how to get Exim4 to obtain its view of accepted local domains 
from a mysql table.

Yes Marc, I have read chapter 9. ;-))


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