[Pkg-exppsy-maintainers] Trouble installing Debain (anything)

Per B. Sederberg persed at princeton.edu
Mon Jan 7 20:58:20 UTC 2008

Hi Yarik:

Thanks for the suggestions.  I've made good progress, though I'm not
sure why.  The install for "testing" (not "unstable') is running as I
type this email.  It suddenly saw my hard drive after a reboot.  The
unstable install problem is I think with the unetbootin files, which
did not sync up with the mirror.  I'll just change my sources.list to
use unstable once the install is done.

So, all is looking good right now.  Hopefully it won't be too hard to
get the wireless card working, which is my main need.

I'll let you know how it all goes, but it looks like I'll be back in
Debian-land with ya'll soon!


On Jan 7, 2008 3:24 PM, Yaroslav Halchenko <debian at onerussian.com> wrote:
> at first (I didn't see the author) I said -- WTF this guy wants from our
> exppsy list -- some generic Debian troubleshooting? ;-) then I saw that
> it is you
> I got X61 (tablet) myself few months ago ;-) Vista was ruined completely
> since you have to either resize it from within it (but then you can free
> up only up to some % of space actually) or you need to do some other
> trickery (grub4dos, etc) -- otherwise later on it wouldn't boot. Just
> read elsewhere if you want to preserve your "lovely" vista
> > my new laptop (an Thinkpad X61).  It has no cdrom drive so I'm using
> > this unetbootin program to start a net install from within windows
> > (Vista really does suck).  The problem is that the hard drive is not
> > detected during the debian install and I can't do a thing past that.
> just do boot from a flash drive. Use some latest snapshot of debian
> installer... documentation has it
> http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/apas02.html#howto-getting-images-usb
> but I went without precompiled image... so I went through
> http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch04s04.html
> I think from here
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/index
> then we go from there to
> other images (netboot, usb stick, floppy, etc)
> amd64
> http://people.debian.org/~aba/d-i/images/daily/
> hd-media
> and get files
> [   ] boot.img.gz             07-Jan-2008 04:12  17.8M
> [   ] vmlinuz                 07-Jan-2008 04:12   1.5M
> from
> http://people.debian.org/~aba/d-i/images/daily/hd-media/
> also we want to use initrd from netinstall since hd-media doesn't assume
> mirror installation or smth like that so we take
> http://people.debian.org/~aba/d-i/images/daily/netboot/debian-installer/amd64/initrd.gz
> then we put all those on a stick and syslinux.cfg
> I am not sure what kernel it runs now but I might have issues enabling
> wireless right from the installer -- just stick to wired I guess...
> hope this helps
> > Searching the web finds no issues like this (except for one post that
> > suggested changing SATA into Compatibility mode, which I did.)
> > I really would like to run debian, but my main requirement is that I
> > run linux, which I can't currently do.
> > I realize there is probably not enough information, but do you have
> > any thoughts or suggestions?  I have about one more hour before this
> > laptop gets Ubuntu, which I hope does not happen.
> installer of ubuntu is 99% rip off debian installer, but they also added
> wireless drivers which might make your wireless work right of the
> installer... besides that... it even crashed on me in wilder ways than
> debian installer few times... IT would be great if you manage to setup
> Debian laptop ;-)
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