[Pkg-fglrx-devel] fglrx library diversions result in unusable Xorg if kernel module is not built

Mark mpictor at gmail.com
Fri May 1 04:57:09 UTC 2009

I'm not going to submit this as a bug, because I am not certain that you
will see it as one, or which package the bug would be for.  However, it's a
fairly frustrating situation.

For some reason, I have not (yet) succeeded in building the kernel module
for fglrx.  Without that, and with the diversions that other fglrx-*
packages apply (libGL and libdri?), X is unusable.  I get a black screen;
the monitor does not go into powersaving mode.  Ctrl-Alt- combinations (
-Del, -Backspace, -F1, -F2, ...) do not work.  I am forced to press the
reset button, and the Xorg log contains nothing incriminating.

I compiled kernel 2.6.29 myself.  I suspect that fglrx-source's failure to
build either has to do with the kernel version or where/how I built the
kernel - I do not believe it is a bug in the package.

However, it would be nice if the diversions did not happen unless the fglrx
module existed under /lib/modules/`uname -r`.  Perhaps the packages could be
left unconfigured if the module doesn't exist, and the diversions would be
set up when the packages successfully configure?

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