[pkg-firebird-general] Please consider interacting with translators when introducing/modifying new debconf templates

Damyan Ivanov dam at modsoftsys.com
Thu Mar 22 20:28:30 CET 2007

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- -=| Christian Perrier, 22.03.2007 19:30 |=-
> I just noticed new or modified debconf templates appearing for this
> package.

Nothing can escape your eyes, Christian!

> I would like to suggest you to consider calling for debconf templates
> review AND translation updates when you introduce new debconf

I will, when I consider the templates stable enough :)

> This will be picked up by the debian-i18n contributors for your
> package *this time*, but please read the following for future
> reference.

Please do not waste your time. I'll ask for review and translations as
long as I am certain that templates are in their final state.

I've already asked once several months ago and got pretty descent set of
translations. I was impressed! Later I've changed the templates and now
I hesitate to ask for translations again, before I'm sure this will be
more-or-less the final version. I am not yet sure if there will be
debconf prompting at all.

Please wait. I'm sure there are many other templates that need
translations. Ah, and hold on firebird1.5 too (due to enter unstable
after Etch sees the daylight) - the templates are an exact copy of those
in firebird2.0

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