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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 09:51:20 +0200
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Subject: [Freefont-announce] Change of administrator and address,
	and an introduction
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Hello, all!

Primoz has passed to me the administration of GNU Freefont.

I have a longstanding interest in fonts and in languages generally, but have
limited knowledge of font design, and claim little artistic ability.

My personal projects regarding Freefont are to improve certain character
sets having to do with HTML and mathematics.  However, these will have
to wait while we get a few other things in order.

Several things in the project are in need of an update.  First, the web
page and documentation suffer from numerous broken links and small errors.
That's easy, and I've already fixed some of it.

There are some open bugs for Freefont.  I intend to address all of them.
I have been exercising with FontForge, seeing how best to approach them.

Move of web site and mailing lists

You will also notice that the project has moved from
The web page now announces Freefont as part of GNU.
Karl Berry has assured me that this brings it in line with current reality.

The mailing list addresses are also changed accordingly, to
       freefont-announce at gnu.org
       freefont-bugs at gnu.org
Please use these from now on.


Freefont-announce mailing list
Freefont-announce at gnu.org

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