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Wed Apr 12 22:01:24 UTC 2006

This one time, at band camp, Linas Žvirblis wrote:
> Bruno Kleinert wrote:
> > but as the pk3 file is just a simple zip-archive it can be build by
> > using the zip package. i'd like to split up its content into small
> > packages which have a postinst script (the only thing i can think of,
> > at the moment... better solutions wanted!!!) that extract the installed
> > pk3 file, add updates/changes from a newly installed/updated package
> > and create an updated pk3 file from the content of the package.
> This is a really bad idea. Such package would most probably be rejected.
yeah, in a way it is braindead, but there's the "but".... ;) i'd like
to hear/see opinions and ideas about that issue!

> One possible solution would be to split the pk3 before you Debianize it
> and just pretend it is an original upstream package. You have to repack
> Nexuiz into tar.gz anyway, so that would not be so bad, in my opinion.
> > otherwise the nexuiz packages appear quite finished to me. perhaps a dd
> > would like to have a look at them.
> You seem to be using 64x64 icons inside menu, whereas Debian Menu
> documentation states, that only icons up to 32x32 in size are allowed.
[X] fixed, now also installs an icon in 32x32 pixels, thanks for
mentioning that!

> No, I am not a DD, but I am very interested in Nexuiz. I even wanted to
> package it some time ago, but got into playing it instead... :)
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