Bug#362870: planetpenguin-racer: failed upgrade: overwrite of image file from -data

Eddy Petrişor eddy.petrisor at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 14:22:41 UTC 2006

On 4/19/06, Alexander Schmehl <tolimar at debian.org> wrote:
> > -       dh_install -s --exclude=.uu debian/icons/* /usr/share/pixmaps
> > +       dh_install -pplanetpenguin-racer-data -s --exclude=.uu
> > debian/icons/* /usr/share/pixmaps
> It does partly (that should then be moved to build-indep, too, shouldn't
> it?).

I guess you are right :-)

> However it was that way the previous package release.  In 0.3.1-5 I
> moved the menu icons from the planetpenguin-racer package to the -data
> package (since I thought architecture independent stuff should be there
> after missinterpreting a thread in -devel during that period).  But in
> -6 lintian complained about the missing icon when checking the
> planetpenguin-racer package

If this depends on the data and data provides the icon, I don't think
there should be a problem; override the warning, motivate in the
changelog why you did this, and it should be fine.

>, so I moved it back, and since piuparts
> didn't complained about that, I didn't spend more time about thinking
> about possible problems.
> Seems I have been wrong... During an upgrade it might be that
> planetpenguin-racer 0.3.1-6 is installed, before
> planetpenguin-racer-data 0.3.1-6 is, which leads to the reported bug.
> First option would be to ignore this bug, since a) upgrades from the
> stable distibution are not affected (the icon was in the same package as
> it is now),

That would leave users like Rody with only way to upgrade: purge, then
install all ppracer packages.

> b) even when upgrading in testing it is (AFACT) unlikely to
> stumble about this bug.

If we move fast enough or raise the severity artificailly to disallow
the migration to testing.

Note that one might want to just get the newer binary and stick with
the old data, if on a slow link (but that is rare).

> Second option would be to use something like...
> Replaces: planetpenguin-racer-data (= 0.3.1-5) to debian/control for
> planetpenguin-racer.  That should force the old -racer-data package to be
> removed before the new -racer package is installed, shouldn't it?  I'll
> test that later.

Wouldn't it need a conflicts with the old planetpenguin-racer which
contains the icon, too? I think it would be needed.

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