What to use in packaging

Josef Spillner 2005 at kuarepoti-dju.net
Fri Jan 20 13:30:23 UTC 2006


El Viernes, 20. Enero 2006 14:15, Alexander Schmehl escribió:
> Hmm... while thinking about it, two questions game to my mind:

Come on, how many hours did you play during the last hours? :)

> Allthough most of our packages are independent of each other, there
> might be packages usefull to group.  e.g. if they have several level
> set's.  (There ist for example ppracer, the game and some leverls, and
> tuxracer-extras, which contains many extra levels).

It might make sense to consider a "get hot new levels" sharing system since 
levels are often volatile per-user data.
Right now the only such implementations are integrated within the 
applications/games, but I since it was spoken about general game launch tools 
etc. already, I could envision a "get hot new levels" standalone application 
(or having it integrated into the game launcher).
Depending on which toolkit and/or programming language will be used for its 
implementation, code is already available for this feature.


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