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Thu Jul 6 18:09:54 UTC 2006

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Hello Games Team,

I have here two games packages I maintain, rockdodger and armagetron,
which I rather neglected and really should have put up for adoption long

While rockdodger is dead upstream ( ) it's also
a little game without problems.

Armagetron, on the other hand, needs work and deserves better.  It has a
new upstream version, a few bugs that need to be fixed (the server DOS
is actually less urgent and probably fixed, there were some fixes to
improve its behaviour) and documentation (man pages) that need to be
updated.  I have to face that I'm not getting around to do this.

Armagetron has some issues with a multiuser setting in that the per user
settings aren't cleanly separated out by design.  I had to fix that with
a not-so-clean directory structure in $HOME/.armagetron which has to be
handled correctly on updates in the wrapper script.  Also, the server
wrapper script isn't really working correctly out of the box AFAIR, and
needs work.

I would put it up for adoption on WNPP, but after discovering the games
team I thought I'd ask you people first.  So let me know if someone of
you or the group will take it up, otherwise I'll make official RFAs on
WNPP in a week or so.

Andreas Bombe <bombe at>    GPG key 0x04880A44
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