[gmail] Re: New SVN game: Quake III

Miriam Ruiz little_miry at yahoo.es
Wed Mar 1 10:04:19 UTC 2006

 --- Marc Leeman <marc.leeman at gmail.com> escribió:

> > when the manpages are up to date, i think ioquake3 should be ready for
> > a new try to upload it. what do others think?
> What do we currently do with the quake3-data package? provide it via
> pkg-games-devel site or leave it on my site? Both are fine for me
> (untill the data packaging is cleared up); but I think it should be
> mentioned during the install of ioquake3-common.

I think it should be better stored in pkg-games-devel site, or in both if you
want it redundant. Should I set up something special to give permissions to
put it in the games site?


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