please upload glest{,-data} 2.0.0-2

Eddy Petrişor eddy.petrisor at
Tue Aug 28 13:33:26 UTC 2007

On 27/08/07, Heretik <heretik at> wrote:
> Eddy Petrișor a écrit :
> > Heretik wrote:
> >> Eddy Petrișor a écrit :
> >>> Hello Joey,
> >
> > Thanks for the upload Joey (I assume it was you).
> >
> >>> Just a(n obvious) reminder: add '-sa -v2.0.0-0ubuntu1' to dpkg-buildpackage's command line when rebuilding the package
> >>> for the upload ;-)
> >> Why the -0ubuntu1 ?
> >
> > See man dpkg-buildpackage, option -v.
> I mean I thought it was a Debian packaging mailing list, not an Ubuntu
> one. This suffix should be set for an Ubuntu upload, but not for a
> Debian upload, no ?

No. Please read what I pointed you to read. You will understand once
you realize the initial packaging was done in ubuntu and I took it and
continued with version 2.0.0-1, which is the first version after
2.0.0-0ubuntu1. The 2.0.0-1 changelog entry is relevant for Debian
since it includes the Closes line for the Debian ITP, which needed to
be a part of the .changes file once the initial upload of the package
is done.

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