Bug#456034: fenix: compile with -O1

Javier Serrano Polo jasp00 at terra.es
Tue Dec 18 13:30:59 UTC 2007

retitle 456034 fenix: fix TYPE_FLOAT functions

El dj 13 de 12 del 2007 a les 19:17 +0100, en/na Miriam Ruiz va
> I guess the solution would not be to remove the optimization level, but to fix
> the bugs that might be causing that problem.

So you like the hard way. Good.

> Which functions are not working
> with -O2 and on which architectures?

The ones performing bad type conversions. I'm attaching a simple test
case for cos(). Output should be:


I'm attaching the solution too. I'll leave to you the remaining
functions and the code arrangement.
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program cos_test;
	say(format(cos(0), 6));
	say(format(cos(45000), 6));
	say(format(cos(90000), 6));
	say(format(cos(135000), 6));
	say(format(cos(180000), 6));

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