Bug#432666: sauerbraten: segfaults on powerpc

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at deb.at
Tue Dec 18 16:20:06 UTC 2007

* Gürkan Sengün <gurkan at linuks.mine.nu> [2007-12-18 09:27:03 CET]:
> > Please don't do that!
> >
> > There is no way in debian/control to express "build on anything but,,,",
> > The only option you'd have is to make a list like "build only on...".
> No this is not true, one can use [!powerpc].

 You sure about that? I don't see a single package that has such a
syntax in the Architecture: field. Aren't you puzzling this with

> > Better write some lines on the top of debian/rules which checks if it is
> > run on a blacklist of architectures (like powerpc), and use the $(error)
> > make command to fail the build. This way you can document why you are
> > failing the build, and make it trivial for powerpc porters to work on
> > this package.
> Please don't do that, besides you are missing the point completely. The
> software builds perfectly on powerpc, it's just nobody can ever play it
> with more than 3 frames per second, because NVidia (nor ATI) will give
> you accelerated drivers for those graphics card for linux.

 It's not that my graphics card isn't accelerated, thanks for missing
the whole point of the problem. The issue is more complex, my perception
is more that sauerbraten uses some specific routines that the free
driver doesn't seem to cover and hand over to the graphics card - where
other 3d software like tremulous, nexuiz or warsow doesn't stick to
those routines and have no problem at all getting propper speed. So I
wouldn't blindly flame nvidia or ati for things others in the same area
are able to do right.

> > As for overusing the buildds: The buildd maintainers will detect this
> > after the first failure, and add the package to the NFU list.
> NFU?

 Most propably Not-For-Us.

> > I'm doing this change in svn now.
> Again, please do not.

 Right, doing a failed in debian/rules is the wrong approach - limiting
the arch list would be proper and straight forward and obvious and not
hiding it in some other area.

 So long,

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