Bug#410680: 0.3.1-8 significantly slower than 0.3.1-2

Alberto P. api2000 at inwind.it
Mon Feb 12 16:54:15 CET 2007

Package: planetpenguin-racer
Version: 0.3.1-8
Severity: important

I noticed that ppracer is very slow in *etch* compared to *sarge*.
So I tested the new version of ppracer in a fresh live Debian
(Debian Live *sid* 2007-02-10,
I configured properly X (DRI ok) and than I started only ppracer
(in ~/.Xsession I wrote "xterm" and than I launched ppracer from

ppracer (0.3.1-8) was _very_ slow: about 4 fps. Unusable!
So I tried to downgrade planetpenguin-racer package to 0.3.1-2
(sarge's version) and than I discovered that ppracer was
significantly faster: about 17 fps (+425%), usable.

If you want, I can also try the old tuxracer (0.61-6.4) package
and tell you the differences.

My video card is Matrox G450 32 MB AGP.

Alberto P.
+39 051 0546553

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