Frets on Fire Dependency

Miriam Ruiz little_miry at
Thu Jul 5 07:52:13 UTC 2007

--- Matt Harker <thundercloud at> escribió:

> Dear Development Team,

Hi Matt :)

> I thought I should inform you of some dependencies for Frets on Fire, which,
> when missing doesn't necessarily stop the game from start, but it stops 
> people from playing the game, as I have spent an hour or two trying to track
> down.
> That is PyOGG and python-pyvorbis. Without these two libraries present,
> Frets 
> on Fire, at least on my box, and possibly on quite a few other boxes where 
> people have reported similar box, only one out of the two ogg files needed 
> for actual playing are played.

It seems that those packages you mention are already in the Depends of the
package fretsonfire-game:

Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${python:Depends}, python-pygame, python-opengl,
python-numeric, python-imaging, python-pyogg, python-pyvorbis,
${misc:Depends}, ttf-bitstream-vera, ttf-mgopen

( )

> Just thought I would let you know.

Thanks a lot for your mail, can you confirm which packages exactly did you
have to install by hand to make it work in your system?


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