Preliminaries remarks on Frets on Fire

Romain Beauxis toots at
Tue May 22 15:49:48 UTC 2007

	Hi all !

First thanks for the hard work on frets, it must have been time consuming..
Some remarks that could be adressed:

[ For fretsonfire ]
* Could you write what have been done to dfsg's the source ? This is very 
helpfull later on if the package has to be handled by another developper for 
instance.. UPDATE: I just noticed it's automatically done in rules... Nice.. 
But some rational about the need of dfsg source and instructions in human way 
could be interesting too in a README.Debian-source..
* There seems to be a missing dependency on libGL:
ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 
* Just to be sure: did you check individual files for copyright ? -- I've not 
done it myself yet :)
* Is it really needed the png icon ? I know its ugly and etc, but it's not 
hardwork to convert an icon to xpm, and a lintian-override for that seems a 
bit overkill to me.. I even think that the png icon will be used anyway if 
you ship a .desktop file.. And yea I know menu system is overdated, but it is 
still there actually..
* the postinst/postrm that updates the menu should be generated by some 
debhelper call, dh_installmenu for instance.. and it is already done since 
you call it in rules..
* Many of the install calls in rules may be placed in a .install file, and 
executed by dh_install. It makes the rules script much more readable..

I've not checked -songs package for now..
I have no additional time now for deeper review, but it would be nice to have 
those issues adressed.. I'm ok to give some hand on the package if you think 
it's interesting, but can't reasonably say I will maintain it.. But a commit 
access to the svn could help uploading it more quickly perhaps..

Thanks and have a good day !


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