Bug#444303: Fixed in latest version?

Brandon winterknight at nerdshack.com
Sat Nov 17 09:45:21 UTC 2007

I had this problem too. I was using the engine from
0.0.20061204.dfsg-1, and the data from 0.0.20070819.dfsg-1. Suaerbraten
would crash on load. The first time, I had to reboot my computer. It
stole the screen, keyboard and mouse, and wouldn't give it back. I tried
again today, and didn't have to reboot.

There is a newer engine version in sid. Judging by the version number,
it looks like it matches the data. It works. Window mode not
necessary. Removing textures not necessary. Sauerbraten is buggy, but at
least it doesn't crash anymore.

Can anyone else get it to crash using 0.0.20070819.dfsg-1? I checked
the bug report for powerpc, amd64, x86, and no one reports this bug for
the current version in sid. Perhaps it should be forced to testing.

Why is this bug important, but the one for powerpc is grave, and the
ones for amd64 and intel xorg are normal? Aren't they probably the same


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