XTeddy under team maintenance?

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Fri Nov 14 10:09:26 UTC 2008


please let me first say that I do not intend to become an active
member of this team and I do not intend to subscribe to this group.
If this is a precondition for the team maintenance perhaps everything
I write below is void and I should perhaps use collab-maint for
putting XTeddy packaging stuff into a common VCS.

XTeddy was my first package I maintained in Debian - just to learn
how to package before proceeding with more important stuff.  This
worked out quite good.  Because upstream is dead (well, the author
is not dead and even happy to recieve comments but he will not
continue development - it might be he includes patches) the workload
with this package is low.  OK, you might consider that it is worth
to switch to more recent imlib and fix #370822 - but neither upstream
nor me intend to do this.

But I intent to put all my packages I maintain under group maintenance -
the good experiences in the Debian Med team convinced me that this
is the best for any package.  So the most apropriate team is probably
this group and so I am here.  I want to take the chance to learn something
new (it has historical proven to be a good idea) and thus I would like
to give git a chance (I never tried it, Debian Med uses SVN exclusively)
because there seems to be a general tendency and you will never learn
something without a real example.

So my plan would be to follow the advise given at


regarding the git repository.  According to this plan I use the
following snippet in debian/control:

Maintainer: Debian Games Team <pkg-games-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Uploaders: Andreas Tille <tille at debian.org>
DM-Upload-Allowed: yes
Vcs-Git: git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-games/xteddy
Vcs-Browser: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-games/xteddy.git;a=summary

I wonder what you think about this plan (considering that I will
not subscribe this mailing list but subscribe the xteddy package
in PTS and will follow bug reports).  But I just have not enough
time to follow a high volume list like this.  So please CC me in
your answer and tell me, whether you like my plan or not.

Kind regards


PS: I plan to do the same with fortunes-de.


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