Investment prospect

Gordon Murrel gordonmurrel at
Wed Apr 29 09:07:56 UTC 2009


Considering the sensitive nature of this deal and having thought carefully of a confidant that will assist me in the transaction, I have deemed it pertinent to contact you directly for a prospective business deal in the tune of GBP 34.3 million. I am a Portfolio Manager with UBS financial services Inc. and I am ready and willing to work this deal out with your sincere assistance and cooperation. It will be unwise to jeopardize the success of this transaction at this point by releasing the details as I cannot confirm your exact stand till I receive your response to this email. I will give you the full details of the transaction and how to go about it as soon as I confirm your positive response. Honesty, confidentiality and effective communication is highly needed to ensure prompt conclusion of this deal as this is risk-free and profitable. 

Gordon Murrel

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