Bug#541971: (no subject)

Karl Sackett krs at hiwaay.net
Tue Aug 18 18:25:00 UTC 2009

Your notes clear up the king problem, but in looking at board sizes for
the Capablanca and gothic variants I found some interesting things.

The archbishop pixmaps do run the range from petite to bulky.  For
petite, middling, and bulky the pixmap is a pair of crossed swords.
But for the rest it's a mitre (a fat mitre in contrast to the bishop's
thin mitre).  The gothic chess website uses the fat mitre, but the
Wikipedia articles on both Capablanca and gothic use a knight's
horsehead placed on a bishop's base.

The pixmaps as45o.bm and as45s.bm are also crossed swords.  There are no
as* pixmaps in other sizes.  Pixmaps a45o.bm and a45s.bm are fat mitres.

The gothic variant uses the d*.bm pixmaps for the chancellor - a
knight's horsehead placed on an inverted rook's top.  However, the
Capablanca variant uses the six-pointed star from the c*.bm pixmaps.
The gothic chess website and the Wikipedia articles on Capablanca and
gothic use the knight/rook combination for the chancellor.

In light of this I suggest the following fixes:

1)  For the Capablanca variant use the d*.bm pixmaps instead of the
c*.bm pixmaps for the chancellor piece.

2)  For the archbishop pixmaps replace a33*.bm, a49*.bm, and a72*bm with
pixmaps of fat mitres.  There's no reason to throw them out, so rename
the old crossed sword pixmaps as as*.bm.

3)  Add a new set of archbishop pixmaps to match the knight/bishop

I would think 1) should be easy to implement before the next XBoard
release, and maybe 2) since only three new pixmaps are needed to fill
out the range of sizes for the archbishop piece.  3) would be nice to
have, but can go on the wish list.

Karl Sackett                                              krs at hiwaay.net

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