Bug#557907: wesnoth: Traits and abilities should wrap rather than going off the right edge

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at deb.at
Sun Nov 29 10:30:48 UTC 2009

tag 557907 + fixed-upstream upstream


* Josh Triplett <josh at joshtriplett.org> [2009-11-25 08:38:00 CET]:
> When a unit has more than about two traits or abilities, the text
> listing those abilities runs off the right edge of the unit's
> description in the right sidebar.  Furthermore, this makes it impossible
> to hover over those abilities to get a description.  Please make these
> wrap intead of going off the right edge.

 This was fixed upstream already as you can see in the linked upstream
bug[1], unfortunately it isn't considered important enough to get it
into the upcoming 1.8 version and the fix will probably will be delayed
until the early 1.9 development releases and the next stable version
that might take about a year or a bit more, given past experience.

[1] <https://gna.org/bugs/index.php?14586>

 Thanks, and sorry for no better news about having it fixed soon.

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