Bug#578703: ITP: cytadela -- old-school first person shooter

Sylvain Beucler beuc at beuc.net
Wed Apr 21 22:17:49 UTC 2010

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Sylvain Beucler <beuc at beuc.net>
Owner: Sylvain Beucler <beuc at beuc.net>

* Package name    : cytadela
  Version         : 0.9
  Upstream Author : Tomasz Kaźmierczak
* URL             : http://cytadela.sf.net/
* License         : GPL
  Programming Lang: C++
  Description     : old-school first person shooter

Cytadela is a conversion of an old Amiga first person shooter. The
original was created in mid 1990's by Virtual Design, and released
firstly in Poland and then in other countries.

This is a single player game in which the player fights against AI
enemies. The goal of the game is to find six bomb parts with which
the Citadel has to be blown up. To achieve it, the player not only
has to defend himsefl against the enemies, but (s)he also has to
solve many riddles, such as switching apropriate buttons in order to
open some door, move some walls, etc.

As a conversion, this project tries to be as similar to the original
as possible and therefore there won't be any significant changes,
only some gameplay improvements are possible.

This version is fully playable and beatable, but the introduction and
ending sequences are not developed yet (they are planned for v1.0).

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