Bug#559240: Packaging ioQuake3 instead of the OpenArena engine

Bruno Kleinert fuddl at debian.org
Sun Jul 18 09:45:30 UTC 2010


I'm currently experimenting with a patched ioQuake3 engine for OpenArena
instead of using the patched (and very likely outdated) ioQuake3 engine
that comes with OpenArena.

The version of ioQuake3 I'm using is 1.36, which is the latest release.
From the sources I stripped the non-DFSG compliant LCC to get rid of the
policy violation and the binary-without-source issue. The game logic
shipped with ioQuake3 and compiled as shared objects works fine for
OpenArena as far as I tested it the whole day yesterday ;)

I also applied some patches from fedora to address the outstanding
internal code copy issues (jpeg, speex, etc.)

The problem I have not taken care of is incompatibity to sv_pure 1
servers. But maybe we can fix that later on.

As I'm at the BSP Munich ATM, I'll try to prepare an ioquake3 upload for

Cheers - Fuddl
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