Vegastrike Game

Pablo Daniel Pareja Obregon pablopareja at
Tue Jun 8 23:59:17 UTC 2010


I recently tried to install vegastrike packages from testing repository, 
however I found they are being held in sid for a couple of years now...

According to site, this seems like a problem with a 
dependency with libboost-python. Apparently version number should be greater 
than 1.34.1 instead of equal to that. Currently debian testing has  libboost-

I tried the binaries, from the direct page download and everything seems to 
run ok. Anyway, I'm a simple user, and maybe it's a mistake on my part but as 
I was interested in the package I just wanted to help.

Could this be easily fixed? I don't know how to make debian packages, but I 
offer you my help in anyway I can. Thanks in advance.


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