Bug#628365: scorched3d: FTBFS: Makefile:6269: *** missing separator. Stop.

Bruno Kleinert fuddl at debian.org
Tue May 31 12:02:55 UTC 2011

Am Montag, den 30.05.2011, 18:22 +0200 schrieb Bruno Kleinert:
> Ok.
> I've built scorched3d ten times with up to a maximum of -j30 parallel
> jobs but was unable to provoke a failing build on a i386 dual core
> notebook. On my dual core amd64 machine I was also unable to produce a
> failing build.
> All builds were done in a clean up-to-date sid chroot environment. As
> I'm unable to provoke the reported bug, I'll tag this bug report as
> unreproducible.
> Cheers - Fuddl

I have rebuilt the package a few more times but still I am unable to
reproduce a failing build.

I asked Christoph Egger to build scorched3d on a amd64 machine with six
processor cores and -j36 and he reported that scorched3d built just

@Lucas: Could something be broken on your build machine(s)? Christoph
and I tried to reproduce the bug you observed but we failed to provoke a
failing build ;) I'll lower the severity of this report to make it

Cheers - Fuddl
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