Bug#382871: gnome-desktop-environmenate: please only recommend gnome-games

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Sun Aug 13 22:36:47 UTC 2006


On Mon, Aug 14, 2006, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> I would like to have a gameless GNOME desktop. The
> gnome-desktop-environment package is otherwise quite good for my needs,
> but the dependency on gnome-games irritates me. The games should be
> optional, in my opinion.

 (I've already heard this request, but can't find it in the BTS.)

 We receive some requests not to include foo and bar in the desktop
 packages, here are some options we have:
 - alternate deps, "|" (especially for browsers: people don't want
   epiphany, but want firefox, galeon, or other)
 - downgrading to Recommends, but that defeats the purpose of the
   package in a lot of cases (especially: broken package managers, and
   tasksel which doesn't follow Recommends)
 - more meta-packages (gnome-desktop-environment-except-for-games)

 And on the user / admin side, here's what looks possible:
 - own meta packages (trivial since the packages are pure deps)
 - dummy packages for unwanted stuff (e.g. an empty gnome-games package)

 My personal wish goes to follow the exact module set that upstream
 elects.  The upstream process is enough to decide, we should only
 customize the module set when we need to introduce or replace modules
 for Debian ones.

Loïc Minier <lool at dooz.org>

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