[Bug 56070] Can't click button after setting it sensitive.

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Tue Dec 26 05:47:03 UTC 2006

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------- Comment #61 from Matthias Clasen  2006-12-26 05:45 UTC -------
Some comments on the patch:

1) I think we generally write synthesize in GTK+, not synthesise

2) Regarding the 2 roundtrips to set x/y_root and x/y in the event,
   one idea would be to simply not fill these fields, and document
   that crossing events with send_event = 1 and crossing.detail == unknown
   may not have theese fields filled. 

3) I don't know what invariants we really guarantee for enter/leave
   events, but shouldn't these be generated in pairs ? I.e. when generating
   an enter event, the pointer logically comes from somewhere else.
   Do we need to generate a leave event there ?

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