Bug#366253: Debian bug followup (Re: bug 366253)

Emil Nowak emil5 at go2.pl
Mon Mar 5 18:25:49 CET 2007

On 2007-02-25, at 00:34:38 Sven Arvidsson wrote:

> This is a follow up to Debian bug 366253.
> See http://bugs.debian.org/366253
> Hi,

> Does this bug still happen with GTK+ version 2.8.20-5 (or later) on an
> up to date Etch system?
In my opinion example attached to this bugreport should generate
some fatal warning like this: "Gtk-CRITICAL **: parent window is NULL".
But right now it just passes it silently.

So it's not fixed IMHO.

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