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------- Comment #30 from Christophe Dehais  2007-03-08 09:27 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #29)
> It would be nice if you could comment on bug #415627. The plan is to have a
> 3band and 10band versions which has normal gobject properties. Is that
> something the would fit rb (e.g. the 10 band one)?

With the current design of the plugin I don't think having those 2 elements
will bring anything. Indeed, I would have to add 2 more specific callbacks (to
link gst element to the UI) for something that I can have by simply
parameterizing the general version of the filter. What would help (for the
beauty of the client code), would be a way to retrieve the bands frequencies
onccec the number of bands has been given. Right now I mimick what is done
internally by the filter.

> And before you think about adding preset support for the eq, have a look a bug
> #396779.

The UI part of the plugin was started last summer and I then didn't know there
was a plan for adding presets right in the gstreamer elements. So it's already
there. I think centralizing preset is a good idea, it will remove some burden
off my code. I'll look into bug #396779 to see if the proposal can fit this use

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