Bug#289118: Same problem in 2.18.0

M Yudkowsky speech at pobox.com
Tue May 15 23:15:17 UTC 2007

On May 15, 2007, at 6:05 PM, Josselin Mouette wrote:

> Le mardi 15 mai 2007 à 17:08 -0500, M Yudkowsky a écrit :
>>> Is libgnomevfs2-extra installed?
>> No, it is not;  at least, not in /usr/lib where I'd expect it.
> I'm talking about the Debian package (dpkg -l libgnomevfs2-extra).

Thank you. I eventually realized this after re-checking the gnome- 
applets web page.

>> Shall
>> I attempt to find and install, or do you want additional tests first?
> If it is not installed, this is most likely the cause of your  
> problems.

Installing libgnomevfs2-extra did solve my problem.

The package was listed as "un" by dpkg. Given that libgnomevfs2-extra  
is a dependency, please let me know if you want any additional  
testing on my part to determine why the libgnomevfs2-extra package  
was not installed. As far as I am concerned, however, the issue is  

Thank you for your help.


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