Bug#437506: evince: Window moves when "View -> Reload" is selected

Reid Priedhorsky reid at reidster.net
Mon Feb 4 04:56:13 UTC 2008

Sven Arvidsson wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-01-12 at 16:56 -0600, Reid Priedhorsky wrote:
>> It also happens under twm, though the jump is much smaller, perhaps 3-5 
>> pixels. That's the only other WM I have installed currently, though I 
>> could install others if that would be helpful.
> Hi,
> Thanks for reproducing the bug with twm and providing the screenshots.

No problem. Glad to help.

> There's a somewhat similar problem described in the upstream bug
> tracker, but to be sure I have forwarded a copy of your report for the
> upstream developers to decide.
> See http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=510688


>> Thanks for your efforts on this bug. It would sure be nice to drop gv in 
>> favor of evince, since gv's interface is sure klunky, but this bug is 
>> currently a showstopper for me.
> There's also epdfview which uses the same pdf backend as Evince.

Interestingly, epdfview displays the same behavior, but one decorations' 
width instead of two...

Take care,


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