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(new) libgio-fam_2.15.2-1_i386.deb optional libs
GLib Input, Output and Streaming Library (fam module)
 GIO is the input, output and streaming API of GLib. This package
 provides a fam file and directory monitoring backend for it.
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Changes: glib2.0 (2.15.2-1) experimental; urgency=low
  [ Sebastian Dröge ]
  * New upstream development release, the new API may still change
    incompatibly; API additions:
    + Drop patch 67_gcc43-inline.patch, merged upstream.
  * Include check-dist again to prevent accidental uploads to unstable.
  * Disable testsuite for now.
  * Bump shlibs to 2.15.2.
  * Add build dependencies for GIO and add libgio-fam package that contains
    a GIO file/directory monitoring module that uses fam.
  * debian/rules,
    + Add a symbol file for GLib, generated from 2.12.4, 2.14.3, 2.15.2.
      This is handled by dh_makeshlibs. Require dpkg-dev (>= 1.14.8) for this.
  * debian/
    + Recommend python on the -dev package for the gtester-report utility.
  * debian/shlibs.local:
    + Dropped as pcre is fixed now since 7.4-1 (Closes: #450796).
  [ Loic Minier ]
  * Build-dep on gtk-doc-tools to prevent a spurious warning from
    gtk-doc.make: "/bin/sh: line 11: test: !=: unary operator expected".
  * Build udeb against system pcre again (now that it provides an udeb); bump
    up libpcre build-dep to >= 7.4-1 (Closes: #443067).

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