Bug#405760: gdm: Same problem here when trying to switch from XDM to GDM but squares remain in Gnome -> unusable

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Sat May 3 10:28:06 UTC 2008

Le samedi 03 mai 2008 à 10:04 +0200, Axel K. Stammler a écrit :
> Package: gdm
> Version: 2.16.4-1
> Followup-For: Bug #405760
> I installed GDM and Gnome &c. and switched from XDM to GDM by running
> 'dpkg-reconfigure gdm' and setting GDM as default manager. After
> crashing for a long time, GDM only showed squares. Earlier I had tried
> Gnome with the same effect, so I just switched back to XDM. Seems I am
> stuck with Fvwm :-(

It looks like GDM (or GNOME, for the matter) is started with a locale
for which you don’t have the fonts installed.

What is the contents of the /etc/default/locale file?

This also reminds me of a similar bug in pango or cairo, but it has been
fixed quite some time ago.

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