Tim Richardson tim at tim-richardson.net
Tue Nov 4 07:38:20 UTC 2008

Restoring patch 52 to pre-2.20-7-3 version works.

With the 2.20-7-4 patch (& splashy) gdm doesn't seem to stop properly.
Something else in the shutdown process kills it and the machine will
reboot/shutdown without user intervention if splashy is not used, but if
splashy is used the vt8 is never activated until the user manually does
it via a keyboard action. 

Could you revert the changes to patch 52? 

I of course have no idea why I only see this bug only on my two
intel-based laptops and not on a Sid virtual machine or on a AMD/nvidia
desktop; I just mention that in case there are problems reproducing this

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