Bug#473118: tomboy in gnome task

Frank Lin PIAT fpiat at klabs.be
Thu Dec 10 08:24:28 UTC 2009

Oh, dear Gnome maintainers,

Would it be possible that the meta package gnome don't depends on

I understand that gnome meta package is meant for those who want
"full-fledged desktop", but I would really like to be able to opt-out
tomboy, the same way I opt-out gdebi, update-notifier and
gnome-office... And the same way some people opt-out network-manager and
gthumb (I don't understand why they do it, those tools rocks).

As a user, I would be uncomfortable having mono on my system, not to
mention that I have never ever used any note-taking tool (I prefer using
email and calendar reminders).

I understand that as maintainers you want to provide the best possible
package, with all useful features, and I really appreciate your effort
and good work.

A happy Gnome user,


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