Bug#396215: mostly fixed

Neil Moore neil at s-z.org
Thu Jan 15 22:52:59 UTC 2009

The attached patch replaces the previous patch by:
 * adding a force_rescan parameter to _gnome_vfs_get_unix_mount_table
   and to update_fstab_drives;
 * forcing a rescan of fstab when mtab changes (and in _force_probe);
 * splitting out the code that resolves UUID=, LABEL=, and symlinks
   into a new function resolve_mount_device; and
 * including <stdlib.h> for real_path (to avoids a warning).

This makes the behaviour a little better compared to the previous
patch.  However, unplugging a device after it has been manually
unmounted can cause the gnome-vfs entry (for fstab) to disappear.  I
do not yet know why, but since it does not happen all the time I
suspect a race condition; more testing is needed.

Again, the attached patch replaces my previous patch, but should still
be applied after 15_uuid_mount.patch .  It still applies cleanly
against 2.24.0-1.

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