rhythmbox & IDL

Neil Williams codehelp at debian.org
Mon Mar 9 14:21:27 UTC 2009

Back in 2005, drivel (the blogging client) was apparently able to
locate an IDL file for rhythmbox at build time in order to
enabler tracking of the music being played whilst the blog
entry was being written. (See #332419) I can only now find reference to
a dbus function in the drivel source code and no mention of IDL.

I'm now preparing to take over maintenance of drivel from Neil McGovern
and wondering what was behind the addition of rhythmbox to the
Build-Depends of drivel.

I can find no trace of IDL in the current rhythmbox and I'm wondering
if this functionality has been dropped or replaced?

I'm also trying to work out which blogging engines supported this
behaviour - hopefully it's one of the ones available in Debian for
local testing.

Any ideas?


Neil Williams

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