Bug#520255: gnome-user-guide: too big -- 50 MB is too much

Francesco Potorti` Potorti at isti.cnr.it
Thu Mar 19 15:24:53 UTC 2009

>> Package: gnome-user-guide
>> Version: 2.24.2-2
>> Severity: minor
>> The Gnome user guide takes almost 50 MB on disk.  Most of this space is
>> wasted, because many languages are installed.  Probably only the active
>> locales should be installed, or the user should be given an explicit
>> choice on what to add.
>If you want to strip some languages, you should probably install
>localepurge, it's meant for that.

Hm, yes.  I thought I had that installed.


1) I suppose that localepurge should be recommended by gnome-user-guide
2) I installed localepurge and reinstalled gnome-user-guide: localepurge
   said that it freed a lot of space under /usr/share/locale and
   /usr/share/man, but left the /usr/share/gnome/help tree untouched

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