Bug#531100: after startup, infinite number of nautilus "tabs" appear in the window list on the panel

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Sat May 30 07:23:36 UTC 2009

Le samedi 30 mai 2009 à 02:54 +0200, Christoph Anton Mitterer a écrit :
> I have this problem on two systems, one a normal laptop (one screen) the
> other a dual head monitor system (two separate X screens, no Xinerama or
> something like this):
> After starting gnome, the window list on the panel gets filled up
> infinitely with nautilus "tabs", although it seems that only one
> nautilus process is running.
> This started with the recently uploaded 2.26 packages.

This is very unlikely to be caused by gnome-panel itself, it looks like
a bad interaction between nautilus and gnome-session.

Are you sure there are not nautilus processes that continuously start
and exit? Are there any error messages that repeat themselves
in .xsession-errors?

To link it with another bug, is nautilus managing the desktop? i.e. is
the /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop GConf key set to true?

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