Bug#501812: There is no way to disable gnome-keyring-daemon

Dominique Brazziel dbrazziel at snet.net
Fri Jan 8 03:56:12 UTC 2010

> > Otherwise, if you don’t like gnome-keyring, it’s simple: don’t use
> Here I'll refer to the reporter's request:
> "Alternatively, provide a way of de-installing 
> the package without de-installing half of Gnome."


No remedy for not starting gnome-keyring-daemon is included in that file.
Removing gnome-keyring-daemon from 'Startup Applications' only changes
the desktop file to 'hidden' in $HOME/.config/autostart.  I've removed
the desktop files from '/usr/share/gnome/autostart', '$HOME/.config/autostart'
and '/etc/xdg/autostart', yet gnome-keyring-daemon persists in starting.
Please tell me how to keep it from starting.

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