that the animal had suffered no harm. "But this won't be all!"

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 on which he and his cousins had taken refuge. "I think we ought to
spend some time here and----" "Hark," suddenly interrupted Nort. "Hear
that noise!" They all heard it--a rushing, roaring sound, like the
blowing of a mighty wind. "The water--the water!" cried Bud. "Look out!"
They could hear the noise more plainly, now, and as Snake and Billee
raised their lanterns, the glows flashed on a white, frothy mass
approaching through the blackness of the tunnel. "It's the same as
before!" cried Nort. "Get to the ledge! The ledge!" He made a leap,
running ahead to where he saw a more narrow place that would enable him
to leap across from the right to the left side of the channel. And then,
while the others hung back for a moment, and Nort thus dashed ahead
alone, his companions saw him quickly disappear. The wall of water
suddenly rushed forward, but it never came quite to the place where the
party of five now stood in nameless terror--five, for Nort had
disappeared into the depths of the stream that had so mysteriously
appeared again out of the blackness. From whence it came, and whither it
was rushing, not to foam entirely over that startled group, none in it
could say. But it had engulfed Nort--that they had seen. CHAPTER XXI THE
FIGURE ON THE ROCK Horror and surprise held the five speechless for a
moment. Then, as they heard the noise of the rushing water, and saw, by
the light of their lanterns, that it came almost to them, but suddenly
turned to the right, they came to their senses. "Nort! Nort!" yelled
Dick, his voice being flung back at him in echoes fr
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