Bug#594535: cannot start after upgrade to 2.29.0-3+b1

Lech Karol Pawłaszek ike at szluug.org
Tue Nov 9 23:01:58 UTC 2010

Hello Jon.

> Is this the same bug?

Well... actually it might be. I'm not so skilled in gnome-shell foo but
if I try to run gnome-shell -r I get:

<start paste>
ike at macbook:~$ gnome-shell -r

do_wait: drmWaitVBlank returned -1, IRQs don't seem to be working correctly.
Try adjusting the vblank_mode configuration parameter.
Panel leaving: a new panel shell is starting.

(gnome-panel:6293): EggSMClient-CRITICAL **: egg_sm_client_set_mode:
assertion `global_client == NULL || global_client_mode ==
Window manager warning: Log level 8: g_getenv: assertion `variable !=
NULL' failed
    JS ERROR: !!!   Exception was: TypeError: homeFile.get_uri is not a
    JS ERROR: !!!     lineNumber = '133'
    JS ERROR: !!!     fileName =
    JS ERROR: !!!     stack =
    JS ERROR: !!!     message = 'homeFile.get_uri is not a function'
Window manager warning: Log level 32: Execution of main.js threw
exception: TypeError: homeFile.get_uri is not a function
ike at macbook:~$
(gnome-panel:6889): Gdk-WARNING **:
/tmp/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.22.0/gdk/x11/gdkdrawable-x11.c:952 drawable is not
a pixmap or window

<end paste>

Yes. There is such big space (don't know if relevant so I didn't trim
it). If there is anything I can try/test - just let me know ;-)

Kind regards,

Lech Karol Pawłaszek <ike>
"You will never see me fall from grace" [KoRn]

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