Bug#597864: libproxy0 not functional without libmozjs2d

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at debian.org
Thu Sep 23 19:13:27 UTC 2010


Please, CC the bug report in your replies.

On 23/09/10 20:52, Anye Li wrote:
> Thanks for the speedy response.
>> (I'm not a KDE guy!), your environment, a configuration file... so we
>> don't force anything to be installed, because you most likely have
>> installed something so that libproxy can autodetect the proxy
>> settings.
> True perhaps, but from the user's point of view, the fact that libproxy
> provides the automatic configuration functionality advertised by the
> GNOME proxy preferences is probably more important than the fact that
> libproxy is capable of looking looking up the proxy configuration in
> various ways.  Personally, I was blissfully unaware of libproxy's
> existence until my proxy settings stopped working, and from my point
> of view, the problem looked like libproxy wasn't providing the
> functionality I needed without libmozjs.
> If you think some other package is to blame, I'd be happy to re-file
> the bug report there.  But I think there is a problem somewhere, since
> it took me quite a bit of time to discover the reason my proxy settings
> stopped working.

Where did you configure your proxy settings? In iceweasel maybe? Also what
desktop environment are you using?


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